You might be treated with medications or just observed.

Animal data suggest that the glaucoma medications Alphagan, Xalatan, and Betoptic may play a role in improving the blood circulation to the optic nerve. If, upon exam, progression to glaucoma sometimes appears along with optic nerve damage and/or reproducible visible field defects, your ophthalmologist will start medical treatment immediately, which would include medicated eyedrops and surgery possibly.. Adult Glaucoma Suspect Treatment The decision to treat somebody who is glaucoma suspect and at high risk is highly individualized.Harter continues We were searching for solutions for assisting our team of professionals and had been impressed by the advanced technology of Transinsight. The fact that the business operates the semantic internet search engine GoPubMed. Org and has comprehensive bioinformatics and protein databases expertise made a decision to work with Transinsight easy. The award earning technology behind GoPubMed completely automates very hard analyses normally completed by scientists with equal or better performance, predicting the necessary information by advanced algorithms.