You first have to discover the individuals in medical databases who have recurrent cancer.

For example, a newly diagnosed secondary tumor might not mark a recurrence but might instead be a new cancer entirely; a second, later round of chemotherapy could be necessary for continuing control of the de novo cancer, and not to take care of recurrence. ‘Essentially, these algorithms don't work for all cancer sites in lots of datasets commonly used for cancer research,’ says Ritzwoller. For instance, to find recurrent prostate malignancy, no mix of billing codes used in this huge data place pointed with sensitivity and specificity to individuals whom notes in the data showed got recurrent disease.This is actually the really interesting stuff that’s headed our method. But we’ll never reach a higher understanding of consciousness if we remain ‘specialists’ limited to our small alcoves of understanding. To really function as intelligent users of a competition that has been advertised as ‘advanced,’ we should expand not only the depth of our understanding however the breadth of our understanding. And that, of program, means understanding the interconnectedness of our being-ness. It’s the interconnectedness that matters, quite literally .