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The survey, which Aon Consulting Aon Consulting , more than 40 percent of the 374 companies replied that it replied that they expected their health spending under the new request to increase after the AP / Herald, self-insured employers. Their employees the their employees the claims themselves – especially with the COBRA requirement involved suhagra4ed.com . However insured employers usually pay $ 1.50 in claims for every $ 1 they collect in premiums under COBRA plans, as do many people who have ‘juicy premium ‘to afford COBRA plans this because they are sick and need to the coverage, the AP / Herald reported.

Currently, choose 20 percent of workers who are eligible for COBRA coverage are paying for them because of the cost. COBRA requires former employees, the entire monthly premium paid plus a processing fee. However, employers are also worried that the subsidy could to to enroll in COBRA and bump up claim totals, according to the AP / Herald. However, the subsidies could also encourage more more healthy people and reported balance of risks , the AP / Herald. – According to the AP / Herald, the new grant also cause administrative headaches who qualifies for the COBRA subsidy. Employers have raised the question whether employees whose services have been eliminated when their working hours qualify qualify a part-time degree. J Revenue Service has ruled that workers on short-time work the the grant, former full-time employees who could qualify their jobs as a result of reduced hours and pay the left, the AP / Herald reports (AP / Miami Herald.

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