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‘When these porphyrins in a confined environment, packaged as a polymer membrane Handsome you modulate the light emission from the molecules,’said Hammer. ‘If you put a stress-free environment, the narrow, you’re changing the porphyrin configuration, and because its release of their optical configuration is bound, computer, rather than use the optical release as a direct measure of load in the environment. ‘.. The Penn researchers with the Therien laboratory where the originally developed to originally developed to provide the light-emitting molecules with the polymersomes were busy designing.

These types of tools could be used to monitor drug delivery, for example, said Kamat. If we had a have see how have stressed the container over the years, we know how much came out of the drug. .

And while the researchers selected the sophisticated polymersomes due to the wide range of stress endure endure the same stress – marking technique could be applied very soon directly to naturally occurring tissue. – Use One future application for these dyes such as porphyrins, but they are just in cellular membranes is, Kamat said. No one has taken a look at the internal stresses within a membrane, so that these molecules would be perfect for the job. .It works like this:* any governmental consultant, identify current and future challenges of knowledge of and research;* a funding agency for independent research programs and projects, In 1999 programs at research institutions and Norwegian participation in international research programs;* a coordinator initiation of nets and promote cooperation from R and D institution, government departments, business and industry, governments and enterprises, other sources of financing, and users of research. The Executive Board of Research Council of Norway is in charge of the advice ” s policy at national level.

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