Unresectable tumors in the liver male dysfunction exercises.

About the Phase III studyThis clinical trial is testing the Delcath PHP system for the regional delivery of melphalan to the liver to treat in patients with metastatic melanoma, skin and eyes, unresectable tumors in the liver. Delcath PHP system was developed, treatments. Anti-cancer drugs provide a patient liver while minimizing entry of the drugs into the rest of the patient’s circulation male dysfunction exercises . This isolation limits toxicities that result from systemic chemotherapy treatments.

About Delcath Systems,Delcath Systems, in in medical devices for the treatment of cancer. The company is testing a proprietary, patented drug delivery system for the treatment of liver cancer. Our ability toovel drug delivery platform is testing the delivery of ultra – high doses of anti-cancer drugs in the liver, and prevents these high doses of the drug from entering the bloodstream of the patient. The company is currently. Enrolling patients in Phase III and Phase II trials for the treatment of liver cancer with high dose melphalan The Company ‘s intellectual property portfolio consists of 27 patents on a worldwide basis including the U.S., Asia and Canada.

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