This discovery builds on a similar.

This discovery builds on a similar, earlier surprising finding about microRNA regulation in December reported Stark and Kellis that both arms of a single microRNA hairpin can also be different, functional microRNAs, with different goals a Taken together, these results demonstrate that. Single gene to four different functions encode. A hairpin from each of the two DNA strands and then a microRNA from each of the two arms of each hairpin..

This is a new phase in genomics – making biological discoveries do not sit on the bench, but at the computer terminal, Kellis says.Kellis is the Karl Van Tassel Career Development Assistant Professor in the department of electrical engineering and computer science and an associate member of the Broad Institute. He grew up in Greece and France and earned his BS from MIT, and he was appointed to the faculty here in 2004. At 30 , he has already earned numerous awards and honors, including. A place on the list of the 35 top innovators under 35 by Technology Review magazine in 2006.Cardiovascular disease is accounted for nearly 31 % of deaths in Singapore in 20091st To effectively treat those diseases requires a regular basis physicians information about their patients blood pressure.

The October issue describes how therapeutic approaches of obesity. A common approach behavior therapy, many in the group directed by a dietician or a psychologist. Health Publications of this therapy have self-monitoring and stimulus control. Therapy can help dieters push off self-defeating thoughts and disclaim unrealistic goals. – Harvard Mental Health Letter from Harvard Health Publications, the publisher to the Harvard Medical School. She can subscribe to the Harvard Mental Health Letter for $ 59 a year or by calling 1-877-649-9457.