They also demand a halt to the closure of special schools.

Autism is Tony Tony Blair’s legacy agenda and activist to create him a program before he leaves office in summer. They also demand a halt to the closure of special schools. Ivan Corea said: ‘I urge MPs of all parties, more for parents, carers and all people with autism and Asperger’s syndrome to do in our country There is much suffering much suffering – people with autism need better public services. ‘.

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Early Day Motion 1359 reads:that this House notes that the Prime Minister met autism activist Ivan Corea, who presented a report on autism, the reputation of the Autism Awareness Campaign UK for a 10-year government undertake program assures construction specialist autism schools autism build units in mainstream primary and secondary schools to bring the management of the failure of some schools in educational strategies to autistic children autistic children in a mainstream setting, the access to higher education and higher education, the labor market for people with autism and control the whole question of bullying and autistic children; demands that the government provision of provision of recreational services for autistic children, and calls on the government to develop a coherent national to launch strategy for autism..To finally found out that innate risks of concerned overlaps by illness at a higher risk for developing of other. They found risks overlap in 40 percent of AD patients and 30 percent of those who had had a heart attack.

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Licastro said: So far we have know did in conjunction with both diseases and these were no adequate to develop an individual test to risk, however, we have now a genetic profile a genetic profile from several Gene partially. For both diseases. This is the leap in quality that now provides us to carry out a test and judge full profiles part specifically for both diseases. Genetic tests can help to decide doctors, that in patients with frequent check-ups or used for further diagnostic testing to monitor.