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The technique, called expected mutual information , determines how a set of DNA markers likely ancestors origin to show locations on each chromosome. The team constructed an algorithm for the technique that selects panels of DNA markers the best picture of the best picture of ancestral origin of disease genes. Then, the algorithm checks to show that it is stronger and more accurate than standard algorithms that are currently used.

Also sometimes sometimes after a meal and see how to go up you realize that you can go higher after a meal.. The technique and algorithm apply beyond this particular disease, Templeton added. Some 2,000’We can look at many different hybrid human populations with this algorithm and use it on a variety of diseases,’he said. ‘Our new approach extends previous methods by knowledge about the population admixture, drawing a more precise picture of the mosaic of ancestries along an individual’s genome,’said Sivan Bercovici, Templeton fellow at Technion and principal author of a research paper published in Genome Research.

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