The software is unique in its ability

The brain perfusion application a powerful analytical tool to the Ziostation thin client system is used. The software is unique in its ability, brain perfusion functionality clinicians as a thin client application with standard hardware . This software option assists radiologists in stroke assessment by. A color map of cerebral blood flow and other perfusion parameters from CT images of the brain The brain perfusion application includes image editing programs and measurement tools such as cerebral blood volume, blood flow and mean transit time. Ziosoft the brain perfusion application provides radiologists decision support tools to accurately do you assess the type and extent of cerebral perfusion disturbance, across the enterprise. In a hospital or in a remote location with doctors flexibility and efficiency when considering solutions. – Since starting to reach the time to diagnosis and treatment for stroke victims is critical, we are pleased to make this new brain perfusion application, the enterprise can be accessed, said Mark Koeniguer, Ziosoft chief operating officer. The results through a standard via a standard web browser via Web Ziostation to. Our commitment to providing clinicians with the latest imaging software, where needed . Ziosoft Inc.

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