The site has a good reputation.

The site has a good reputation, neutral, up-to-date and reliable information – this information is nowhere else to go other by the Canadian federal health department and other health authorities. A spokesperson for the authority, Alain Desroches, the decision difficult difficult.

Personal comments by Christian Nordqvist, Medical News TodayI have regularly used this website myself and love it! It is one of the few in the world today that provides excellent information from a neutral standpoint. Cutting this service to Canadians is a decision that should be reversed. It is not often that we make public institutions to see excellent work. This is a service that is not if they make a profit is at risk – a real service. Pull the rug from under the feet is a tragedy! — – About Us – Written by – Canadian Health Network ?In the United Kingdom and concerted public campaigns and herbs medicine practitioner and patients in Britain has the establishment from a derogation, Dr. Nicola registered with herbal practical prescribe prescribe unlicensed herbal medicinal guided.

However, the question remains: What is degree of regulation prescribing suited for practitioners, containing herbs or other ancillary health treatments? – The conference, the world world leading global provider of complementary medicine, of North America, Australia, Europe and the Near East, will address issues such: As, if anything, should that government on regulating complementary health Praktiker do? and What are the priorities for improving accountability within those professions?

The new EU the sale of to the sale of herbal medicinal products in force, the University of Birmingham hosting service a large international conference Monday through the future of regulation complementary and alternative medicine .

Notes – The conference will the Wellcome Trust the Wellcome Trust and will from the Center for Public Health Law, science and policy, the History of Medicine Unit, the Centre of Biomedical ethics of and of Complementary and Alternative Therapy Birmingham Research Alliance hosting at University of Birmingham..