The second approach is applicable to degradable microneedles baclofen.

The second approach is applicable to degradable microneedles, which are designed to to dissolve on the skin surface and can be used as vaccines for single-use drug delivery situations. This technique involves incorporating an antimicrobial agent into the material used to microneedle microneedle itself baclofen . Because it dissolves the degradable microneedle solves the antimicrobial agent, protection against infection. – We expect these findings lead to more widespread use of microneedles in outpatient treatments and technologies, says Dr. Roger Narayan, lead author of the research. For example, the microneedles may be used as a relatively painless, easy to use alternative to conventional needles in the treatment of diabetes. Co-authored also in new technologies related to the administration of anti-cancer drugs out Narayan is a professor in the joint biomedical engineering department NC State’s College of Engineering and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Microneedles cause less pain, tissue damage and skin inflammation for patients and could be a key component of portable medical devices for patients with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes. However, long-standing concerns about the possibility of infection microneedles microneedles have been an obstacle to their widespread use – until now.

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