The origins of the crisis with the current with the current health care reform debate.

For those who could be affected, this increase represents a real reduction in their Social Security checks next year, since retirees do not expect to get a cost – of-living increase costs in January, given the decline in the consumer price index this year. For Democrats , who hope to be on the House and Senate floors with health care legislation in the next month, that would be a political nightmare. And find in the rush a solution, the party leadership decided to even higher income households about one fifth about one fifth protect most of whom are concerned (Rogers.. Politico reports: House Democrats Wednesday proposed for Medicare Part B premium for the next year instead of the risk to take, which would be an October surprise for health care reform to be frozen – threatened cuts in Social Security checks for millions of older people.

You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and sign up for email delivery at Kaiser health news.. The Associated Press reports: ‘Social Security Cola and Medicare Part B premiums have been tied together for years because most senior citizens Medicare their premiums are deducted from their social Security payments. Than 42 million seniors and people with disabilities in Medicare Part B without Social Security without Social Security COLA, 75 % of Medicare Part B recipients automatically liberates premium increases. Among the by premium increases, if Congress is not low – low – income seniors both Medicare and Medicaid, Medicaid, the state – federal law on health insurance for the poor, pays their Medicare premiums, singles,es would bear some of the costs, high-income seniors on Medicare Part B – singles, more than $ 85,000 a year and couples more than $ 170,000, would pay New enrollees in Medicare Part B, the higher ,, if does not act does not act ‘(Ohlemacher.

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