The next most common problem identified in the study was abnormal pharyngeal contraction.

Both the oropharyngeal and laryngeal group from this pharyngeal muscles hypomobility suffered. While the relatively normal oral swallowing apparatus in patients with laryngeal lesions, the use of parotid gland and oral cavity sparing radiotherapy techniques can relate, further studies with larger patient groups are needed to truly understand the importance of these findings.. The next most common problem identified in the study was abnormal pharyngeal contraction. Functional disorders in this area manifested as abnormalities in clearance of swallowed boluses from the pharynx. Weakness or incoordination in this order results pharyngeal contraction in portions of the remaining bolus into the pharynx at the end of the swallow.

A Fisher exact test was used to correlate several clinical variables modified barium swallow findings. No significant correlation between between pharyngoesophagram abnormalities and a history of neck dissection, tumor stage or age of the patient. Duration of the modified barium swallow radiotherapy also had no significant effect on swallow findings.

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