The Medical Journal of Australia is a publication of of the Australian Medical Association.

The Medical Journal of Australia is a publication of of the Australian Medical Association.Harming Nano Drug Fights Breast Cancer from inside without harming healthy tissueThe hope is that new medicines are based on nano-technology polymers to overcome some of these problems and offer great potential in cancer therapy.

Breast conducted a series of studies with laboratory mice that these that these highly targeted approach, with a combination of drugs current current standard treatments.

Previous work with nanoconjugates at Cedars-Sinai found that a similar approach would work in attacking malignant brain tumors. Julia Y Ljubimova, senior author of a paper on the work in a recent issue of Cancer Research, told the press that many possibilities to improve nanobiopolymers cancer cell targeting and treatment:.

The realization that 96 % of the weekly workload of ED replaced with an after – hours service to confirm that the patient presented broadly adequate.. Certain antibodies can be attached more targeted in in tumor cells, drug resistance and systemic side-effects are reduced because drugs bound to the platform and to the interior of cancer cells without affecting healthy cells and several drugs may be conducted on a single platform, making it possible simultaneously to multiple targets to attack, said Ljubimova, the Drug Delivery and nanomedicine laboratory in the Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai heads.The increasing prevalence of of cardiac disease in Canada being probably both early detection and higher survival rate people with cardio disease. Learn more Canadian survivors their first coronary failure. The prevalence of of cardiac diseases has fastest growing among the Canadians of lower socioeconomic status , who also tended to has to maximum cardiovascular risk my Profile. 2.1 percent in risk factors for younger Canadian did significant impact on the health because it predispose man at earlier start heart disease. It can be set a greater burden on the resources in health care than younger people can be need to long, and perhaps more intense treatment.

Risk factor as hypertension, diabetes and obesity increases most rapidly among young people ancient twelve to fifty years.

The authors found to blood pressure and diabetes is most those who have been overweight or obese. Demonstrate projections Secretary of State Dr. Prevalence of obesity in in the newest generation by young will raise the prevalence of coronary heart disease by from 5 to 16 percent, and can first time in two centuries much reduce life expectancy of the 21st Century, Secretary of State Dr. Douglas Lee the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in and coauthors.. The prevalence of heart disease and certain important risk factors – high blood pressure, diabetes and overweight – age group age groups and most of the earners Canada, a recent study in the CMAJ This study, which did at national data 1994 to 2,005 issued encompassed those aged 12 or older samples from Canadian across the socioeconomic and ethnic groups.