The man and woman Ha Nguyen.

$2 million bail bond for pair accused of illegal plastic surgery A court in San Jose has slapped a $1 million bail relationship each on two different people accused of performing unlawful plastic surgeries. The man and woman Ha Nguyen, 48, and Zybigniew Makowski, 62, were arrested last week after police officers raided the San Jose house where the few were allegedly performing cosmetic surgeries; their home was said to be filthy. Nguyen has never been licensed to practice medicine in the state of California; Makowski is reported to be the accomplice and was involved with transporting individuals to the home and assisting to clean wounds. The authorities officers uncovered drugs, used and unused syringes lying around in the house where four kids live; a 1-year-old was home at the proper period of the arrests.5, 2015 – – Getting a flu shot may protect you not merely from flu, but also from pneumonia, the leading reason behind flu-related hospitalizations and deaths, a fresh study suggests. Most children and adults hospitalized for flu-related pneumonia haven’t had a flu shot, the researchers said. Influenza vaccine may substantially reduce the threat of hospitalizations for influenza pneumonia, a significant complication of influenza infections, said lead researcher Dr.