The international community agreed that long-term methods were needed to prevent another tragedy.

We must ensure that this will not happen once again by joining forces now to banish food cravings from the region once and for all, he proceeds. U.N. Agencies and international non-governmental businesses have implemented cash-for-work and food-voucher schemes in the region, stimulat[ing] both local source and demand by allow[ing] families to get food locally, allowing them to remain near their homes, while also stimulating economic recovery and rehabilitating the local infrastructure necessary for agriculture and livestock production, de Silva writes. He notes that FAO has renewed its dedication to a hunger-free Africa, and concludes that by [l]inking emergency assistance with long-term measures, the world can offer a way out of protracted crisis and onto a route of sustainable development .This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.Related StoriesResearch reveals why old adults who go through general anesthesia experience postoperative deliriumAGS releases updated, expanded Beers Requirements to boost medication use in older adultsAAO announces release of new online source to improve eye care for children The Hartford Base believes that all physicians need to be prepared to meet the specialized needs of older sufferers, who will be the heaviest users of our health care system, said Nora OBrien-Suric, senior plan officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation. The Hartford Centers of Excellence award is the only one of its kind helping young academic geriatricians at this critical time in their professions, and is designed to maximize its effect giving the leaders of geriatrics training programs a high amount of flexibility in how they use the award.