The easily visible mark skin damage.

The easily visible mark skin damage, wrinkles, and a thickening agent in the outer skin layer, the epidermis. Together they make the skin look and feel leathery. – ‘sun – weathered ‘evidence of what evidence of what the molecular level below the surface of the skin happens when the skin is to to UVB radiation, new blood vessels from existing blood vessels form in the skin in a process called cutaneous angiogenesis. Several transcription factors proteins weeks, the mice specific DNA sequences , play a role in angiogenesis, including hypoxia inducible factor , and its subunit HIF – 1? and vascular endothelial growth factor .

Two MMPs especially MMP – 2 and MMP – 9 is accelerate accelerate degradation by wrinkling of the outer components of the cells. But in this study, more MMP-2 levels with exposure to UVB radiation and MMP-9 levels decrease remained the same, even in mice that did not receive oxygen. According to the researchers, this implies that MMP-2 and MMP-9 are not main factors wrinkling and angiogenesis, are caused at least in the early stages of skin damage caused by UVB radiation.

Identifying obesity, then its causeWhatever the attention of the medical and scientific community, however, was a rising incidence of heart disease.In addition Phase I / II trial for Universal Flu Vaccine BiondVax PharmaceuticalsBiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. , an Israeli based biopharmaceutical company at the forefront to the develop a Universal Influenza Vaccine announced that the success of the Phase I / II clinical trial company Multimeric-001 Universal flu Vaccine, in research carried out at the Sourasky Medical Center to Tel Aviv, Israel. The Phase I / II study was a randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled, escalated double-dose study on the security of the total 60 participating, male and women aged 18-49, were given two intramuscular injections the Multimeric-001 – vaccines , either with or without adjuvant, and on two different dosages..

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