The company is monitoring the situation carefully.

Aetna members can contact Aetna EAP 24/7 for telephonic consultation, referrals or general info such as areas suffering from the flooding, shelters and government resources. Aetna’s EAP experts have experience dealing with traumatic events and are available to help. Discussion and additional support are for sale to plan sponsors as they welcome employees back again to function. Impacted Aetna people can look for urgent or emergency treatment anywhere, as required. Aetna is usually monitoring the impact of the flooding on its network suppliers and working closely using its participating network providers, and can make further modifications to its guidelines as necessary to ensure members have access to care. Aetna will also adjust its plans to comply with any local, state or federal government disaster executive rules or orders issued linked to these catastrophic events.Don’t drink your caloriesWhether it’s by means of alcohol or sweet drinks, most beverages have way too many calories and needless sugar. Try out this low calorie spritzer instead: blend two ounces of wine, four ounces golf club soda, a splash of cranberry juice, and a hint of lime. Become the last in line for buffetsThis rule is effective for several reasons: 1) If you are the first in line then you are often finished by the time the last person starts and you will be more inclined to go back for seconds. 2) Once others have picked through the buffet, its usually doesn’t appearance as appetizing.