The Committee discussed a number of legal and regulatory matters.

The Committee discussed a number of legal and regulatory matters, in particular the documents of the the European Commission as the summary of a workshop of the Commission publishes organized with representatives of Member States and of the different industrial sectors on borderline products with medicines.

A first discussion was in the drafting group and the plenary session on a key document that will explain to the Committee’s views on the boundary between herbal medicines and traditional herbal medicines. The draft Directive on the assessment of clinical efficacy and safety in applications for market authorization for established or to register traditional herbal medicinal needs further discussion. The Committee agreed that work on fundamental principles and practical examples should as in the as in the Committee policy considerations that would integrate from real assessment of each case.The Programme 6 months the universal service including education the strategies for treatment of obesity, goes nutritional counseling, in other studies. , physical activity and mental health of Rating to the untreated conditions of, for identifying depressions may be the barriers to effective weight management. Some participants even to undergo obesity surgery.

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