The authors point out that the numbers involved are small check this web-site.

For women in this age group narrower arterioles were also associated with a 50 percent increased risk of dying from coronary heart disease check this web-site .The authors point out that the numbers involved are small, as fewer and fewer people die from heart disease. But signs in the small vessels of the eye appear independent predictors of the risk of death from coronary heart disease in the under 75, especially in women.

Arterioles and venules are small branches of the main arteries and veins, and their condition reflects the general state of the smaller blood vessels in the body, or microcirculation.Died in the nine years of the study, 78 women and 114 men with coronary artery disease.Among those aged 49 and up to age 75, although relatively uncommon, deaths from coronary heart disease doubled if the venules were wider.Cancels venules have brought more risk factors for coronary heart disease in combination, such as smoking, systemic inflammation, high total cholesterol and obesity.

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