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Since June, UNICEF, the Open Culture Institute and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria have all withdrawn financing for the country’s HIV applications. Professionals warn that without financing for HIV avoidance Romania’s HIV problem could easily get very serious, extremely fast, the magazine writes. That has consequences for the others of Europe too. Freedom of movement within the E.U. Makes it much easier for disease to pass on; what’s more, in 2008 Romania surpassed Russia to be the largest supplier of migrant sex employees to the E.U.Salerno released three books, The Salerno Solution, The Silver Cloud Diet plan and his newest reserve, Fight Fat with Fats.

Additional, better-trained midwives needed to save millions of newborns and women world-wide, report says ‘According to a United Nations Population Fund research released Mon, more and better trained midwives could help save millions of lives in’ 58 countries ‘identified as ‘suffering from a crisis in human resources for wellness,” the Linked Press/Washington Post reports. The countries surveyed, two-thirds which are in Africa, ‘accounted for 58 % of all world’s births in 2009 2009 – but 80 % of stillbirths all over the world, 82 % of newborn deaths and 91 % of maternal deaths,’ according to the news program . According to a WHO press release, ‘Among the 38 countries most desperately looking for midwives, 22 have to dual the workforce by 2015; seven have to triple or quadruple it; and nine countries – Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, Niger, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan – need to dramatically scale up midwifery by a factor of between 6 and 15.