The answer is no.

A research of the Children’s Hospital of the University of Trieste at the Maternal and Child Health IRCCS Burlo Garofolo and in in the the Journal of Pediatrics gave the answer. This study, led by Alessandro Ventura, Director of Children’s Hospital confirmed when diagnosed, an important %age of celiac children exhibit an altered bone metabolism and bone mineralization in deficency. At the same time proved the study, when the celiac child strictly follows the gluten-free diet all the all the metabolic changes and mineralization of the bone within 6-12 months. Such signs, the researchers could interpret particularly helpful pediatricians and might avoid the prescription of unnecessary tests to enable them to focus on the diet alone..

Among the investigated metabolic parameters calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone were and other markers of bone activity. Until recently, explains dr. Grazia di Leo from the Department of Gastroenterology the Pediatric Clinic of the Burlo Garofolo it was not clear enough whether bone metabolism impairment of the celiac individual was present during childhood, nor was it clear if the duration of exposure had gluten one role in solving the problem. Therefore we have over time the course of time involved all celiac children in the study, which found to have an effect on bone metabolism and mineralization were evaluating.NPRs Morning Edition on Friday talked about the panel Reviews review This segment encompasses Comments Add from Kline and Isaac (Wilson, Morning Edition, the complete segments is available online at in the Real Player.

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