The African Union the fight against malaria priority top priority.

The African Union the fight against malaria priority top priority, that the illness millions of Africans and costs the continent an estimated $ 12000000000 every year in direct losses are concerned, But much more than that in lost economic growth when examined over the long term. ‘So many of our nations have been crippled by malaria,’said Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. ‘African nations in the fight against this disease through the Global Malaria Action Plan brings together, and we are committed to ensuring that expanded funding will also be used.

‘.. Full implementation of GMAP $ 5300000000 require worldwide in 2009 and $ 6.2 billion worldwide in 2013 , malaria control malaria control programs, and an additional $ 750 to 900,000 per year for necessary research on vaccines, drugs and other new tools.

‘malaria Control Program achieving impressive new gains, medicines, ‘said scientific innovation could soon give us powerful new vaccines and medicines, ‘said Bill Gates, co-chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. ‘If we build on this momentum, we can save millions of lives and chart a long-term course for the eradication of this disease.Social change Special Offers breakthrough to end Female Genital Mutilation.

A new report provide evidence on how communities across Africa come to an end genital mutilation / cutting edge , despite strong social pressure opposing power.

Spite of the progress at in engaged congregations – especially Senegalese – both nationally FGM / C prevalence levels to stay high in Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan.

Cutting million girls world and mutilated annual. The practice, a serious violation of their human rights can ,, lifelong health problems including bleeding, problems urinating, born complication and newborn deaths.