Suggests findings from researchers at McMaster University.

‘Our study implies that protein confers no functionality benefit during ‘real life’ exercise when sportsmen consume sufficient amounts of a sports drink.’ The study, which was funded by Gatorade, comes at the same time when the sports drink market is under pressure to create services by adding ingredients that might further enhance overall performance. Some companies have marketed protein-laced sports activities drinks as another magic bullet heavily, but Gibala’s research disputes such promises.After her surgery, the individual underwent four cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel. Twelve weeks after the pneumonectomy, the FEV1 was 1.03 liters and the FVC was 1.75 liters . Serial CT imaging at intervals of around 1 year demonstrated progressive enlargement of the remaining lung , with herniation of the remaining lung into the ideal hemithorax . Between 12 and 1. 5 years after pneumonectomy, the patient had exertional symptoms which were consistent with postpneumonectomy syndrome.11 At 1. 5 years after pneumonectomy , a prosthetic volume expander, placed in the right postpneumonectomy space, provided rest from her dyspnea symptoms.