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The crucial factor that must be emphasized that people whose blood plasma selenium is already 122 g / L or higher – a large proportion of the U.S. Population . Should not selenium However, there are several health benefits, and an additional risk for humans of lower selenium status , could benefit from the education of their status 130-150 g / L.

Low selenium intake or status risk of poor risk of poor immune function, cognitive decline and death in association. And other diseases. Evidence suggests, however, that this mineral has a limited therapeutic range and that high levels selenium may result in adverse effects, such as have the risk of type – 2 diabetes.. *** Sporanox from Janssen Pharmaceutical Products LP is part of the Johnson & Johnson company.especiallygood for you? Yes and noIf you lack supplements supplements are good for you, if you have enough, they could of developing of developing type 2 diabetes, says a study published Online First in authors state that Lancet. The authors explain that the number of people that selenium has grown strongly in recent years.

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