Rising health costs.

Healthcare shares rose Tuesday as traders than the prospect that a Republican victory in the special Senate election in Massachusetts health care reform legislation health care reform legislation. Globe reports that Globe reports that betting traders that make the outcome of an election in Massachusetts it harder for President Obama to overhaul the health care would be placed. Rising health costs, market market led higher than the prospect of a blockage in Washington relaxes concerns that earnings at companies such as at companies such as insurers and drug companies would (Paradis.

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The house is Wednesday adopts from one 268-148 voice of a law which was demand the most health insurance companies to have same levels of coverage of the physical and mental diseases, tells the AP / Contra Costa Times (Miga, Reg. / Contra Costa Times, after their the San Francisco Chronicle, the passage is of legislation ‘significant as psychological health parity laws of was introduced at the Congress for many years, but also in which in the republican-dominated house ‘(Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle.