Recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

‘Our findings claim that certain fundamental characteristics of human language systems come in gestural communication, even when the user has never been subjected to linguistic insight and hasn’t descended from previous generations of qualified communicative companions,’ says Elissa L. Newport, George Eastman Professor of Mind and Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics at the University of Rochester. ‘We examined a specific hallmark of known grammatical systems and discovered that these signers also utilized this same hallmark in their gestured sentences. They designed their very own language and wound up with a number of the same rules of grammar every other vocabulary uses.’ For eight years, Newport and Marie Coppola, a post-doctoral college student at the University of Chicago, studied three deaf Nicaraguan males who had no exposure to any sign formal language.They needed to ensure that their hard fought battles did not go to waste. When a prosperous ancestor produces a trust with specific guidelines for the family members he leaves behind, he ensures that if the rules are followed, the wealth he accumulated will become preserved for generations. But as time goes by the heirs have much less and less appreciation for the sacrifice of the person who created the wealth for them, plus they take what they possess for granted and could squander it all by not following a rules. We are doing the same thing when we ignore the rules of the trust fund of freedom our forefathers have gone for us.