Professor Jussi Taipale.

Professor Jussi Taipale, the Group applied the new method to count the same time thousands of different types of messenger RNA molecules present in cells. The new method proved to be more accurate than the one that is for this task for this task. Efficient and reliable counting of messenger RNA molecules is important because betrayed its frequencies, which active genes in the cells of interest. Professor Taipale understand the group studies regulation of cell growth and thus wants that. Not only active genes in normal cells , but also aberrantly activated in aberrantly activated in cancer cells..

The idea behind the method is surprisingly simple, but it allows you to count the absolute number of molecules in a cell sample while many current methods can only measure relative differences between the samples.. In a mannerarchers at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet have developed a new method for counting molecules A Better Way To Count Molecules discovered. Quantify the amounts of the various types of RNA and DNA molecules is a fundamental task of molecular biology such as those molecules transmit and store the genetic information in the cells. Thus, improved measuring technology are crucial for understanding both normal and cancerous cells.

In a different article in the journal Nature Methods , the researchers method is one in which the molecules are first artificially produced in a manner in parallel.pies of different original molecules can be distinguished later released.In this exercise allows two learning periods are distinguished: an early phase in which performance improves fast, and a late phase, can be achieved in which asymptotic performance levels. These two stages seems several processes participated in brain and may be so differ influence neurogenesis.

Conclusions. The results show an carry complex modulation of learning to plasticity of the brain which induces death and proliferation of different cell populations.

Above all, they represent the notion that the removal of neurons of the the adult brain can be an essential process of learning and memory and a new type of mechanism through which affect the neurogenesis may seem normal and pathological behaviors.