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Important it is arts in the hospital[ Herald Express ]Torbay Hospital has been a short film for National Nurses Day this year that appeal to a broad range of nurses about their different roles and how care in the course of the years, produces presented. – We were pleased to launched have the This is Nursing Initiative Torbay Hospital, current owner of the HSJ award for Acute Healthcare Organisation of the Year.

Said Royal College of Nursing, Southwest Regional Director Jeannett Martin: to detect do is to ‘This is nursing the reality of care and how it takes professionalism and compassion for the nurse to show there is an opportunity to support the outstanding efforts the nurses a daily basis.. Is the Royal College of Nursing trying to highlight the reality of care, looking both the challenges and opportunities associated with the profession. For for the ‘This Is Still ‘campaign show the range buses and show the range of competencies in nursing, and mark the balance nursing home strike between competence and compassion.

Paula Vasco – Knight, chief executive of Torbay Hospital, said:’I I am pleased that Torbay Hospital the the South West starting place for this campaign.

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