Notes:1 Partner relationship satisfaction and maternal emotional distress in early pregnancy.

Notes:1 Partner relationship satisfaction and maternal emotional distress in early pregnancy. Gun – Mette B. Kari Slinning, Malin Eberhard – Gran, Espen R ysamb and Kristian Tambs BMC Public Health ?

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According to King findings could from the study possible health implications for African American smokers who tend to have darker skin who are disproportionate with tobacco – related disease burden, and report greater difficulty quitting smoking.. While older mothers seemed to be better able cope during pregnancy, young mothers struggling more. Gun – Mette R? Norwegian Norwegian Institute of Public Health said, emotional to recognize failure and to treat stress during pregnancy stores up problems for both mother and child, and the impact further family assistance, it is important that antenatal courses should include relationship classes and that attention should on.Introduction: prostate incidence of increases with a age, with, a median age when diagnosed of 68 years. Increased life expectations prostate were for a large public health problem. Prostate cancer treatment in managerial adult male is a huge challenge for the future. No specific guideline was previously released on the management of prostate cancer older men . Which SIOG has developed a proposal by recommend with this setting.

The collected material was reviewed and discussed by a scientific committee such Urology, radiation oncologists, oncologist and geriatrics from Europe and North American.

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