Nearly 30 years after the epidemic began.

Laws, which can criminalize sex with men sex with men, transgender people, drug addicts and / or sex workers make it difficult, families and communities. And treatment services to provide people with a high risk of HIV infection. To protect in some countries, laws and law enforcement not to rape women within and outside of marriage – and thus increasing women’s vulnerability to HIV.. Nearly 30 years after the epidemic began, however, there are many countries in which to punish undermine HIV responses and negative regulatory environment to protect rather than people in need. Where the law does not advance justice, it stalls progress. Laws that criminalize HIV transmission or exposure inappropriate people can from getting tested for HIV or discouraged from disclosing their HIV-positive status.

We need environments which protect and promote those human rights that are most vulnerable to HIV infection and the impact of HIV, and those that HIV / AIDS, HIV / AIDS, ‘Helen Clark. ‘The time has come to respond to the HIV response to the voice of the voiceless,’he said. ‘We have to rub shoulders with the with with HIV and those who are most at risk. By transforming negative legal environment, we can help tomorrow’s leaders achieve an AIDS – free generation. ‘.. With more than four million people on life-saving treatment and seventeen % decrease in new infections from 2001 to 2008, there is hope that the HIV epidemic is at a turning point. Own country to achieve universal access targets and the Millennium Development Goals , is the persistent barriers like punitive laws and human rights violations must be overcome.

, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark believes that have the next generation of HIV responses concentrate on promote the improvement of the legal, regulatory and social environment, human rights and gender equality objectives.M now Bones, Stem Cells ‘ Off The Shelf ‘In If patients a bone for a foot of or hock need surgery, bone many times taken from another part of the body. It now surgeons be new methods bone material is bone material and even cells the right off the shelf, said Glenn M. Weinraub, a California foot and ankle surgeon, results start a discussion among surgeons at the next decade bone healing in the the American College of Surgeons’ Surgeons’ Annual Scientific Conference Fort Lauderdale.

This is patients that require a higher biological activity fracture healing bone healing potential, Weinraub said.. ‘harvester of patient’s own bone is traditionally considered the gold standard for, but these days I think that concept of was be conceived of the historical standard,’said Dr , president of Weinraub., president of ACFAS ‘the quality the material which being is has prepackaged shown just as effectively for bone healing and can to give few complications for the patient.