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Nancy Jowski, head of the group that CVS has ‘failed to municipalities life life where minorities ‘, added: ‘We believe that minorities deserve better ‘(Detroit News, Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people, said during a press conference: ‘Drugstore red-lining a real issue is the health care is a critical issue. In Philadelphia, and when people do not have access, Follow-up prescriptions filled or receive formula for their babies to basic needs basic needs, it way they way they live online . ‘.

###Other co-authors include: Cheryl Rock, Barbara Parker, Lisa Madlensky, Loki Natarajan, Linda Wasserman, Vicky Jones, Gail Laughlin, Nazmus Saquib MD, Sheila Kealey MPH, Shirley Flatt, Jennifer Emond and Minya Pu, Joanne Mortimer, City of Hope Cancer Center, Marcia Stefanek, Stanford University, Bette Caan, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Cynthia Thomson, University of Arizona, Njeri Karanja, Kaiser Permanente, Portland, OR, Richard Hajek, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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