More than 85 % of cancer patients suffer from this form of pain

A number of therapeutic innovations introduced at the EAPC Congress should further improve the medical care of palliative patients in terms of symptom control . With with cancer patients called breakthrough pain is: this is an instant intense stabbing pain that, in addition to the all-over dull pain which usually takes half an hour to an hour and reaches its highest intensity for several minutes after the outbreak. More than 85 % of cancer patients suffer from this form of pain. It is enormously burdensome for palliative patients the particularly difficult because the deliver unpredictable breakthrough attacks an extremely rapid effect of the painkiller that can not many agents and forms of medication need. The full effect of conventional orally administered opioids is achieved only approximately 35 to 45 minutes after taking – much too late to deal with the breakthrough pain. Said Professor Kress presented several new and efficient ways to combat breakthrough pain in the EAPC Congress are established. Fast pain relief through the nose of the Vienna Department of Anaesthesia intensively involved in the intensively involved in the exploration of new therapeutic options, the official agreement would soon participate. Professor Kress along with colleagues from different European countries presents as new, Thefrom several multicenter trials in which the efficacy and safety of fentanyl nasal spray in combination with cancer patients was examined with breakthrough pain. The administration of fentanyl opioids through the nose has to be proved as a good alternative to oral or intravenously administered drug, because the substance is rapidly absorbed through the mucosal tissue and is, therefore, for patients suffering difficult swallowing comfortable, very dry mouth or nausea and vomiting. A few key findings: a short delivery time – clinically relevant plasma levels are already observed two minutes after administering the drugs – the new treatment option to make particularly for breakthrough pain. Thicknesses of 50, 100 and 200 micrograms were examined. We were able to detect a very rapid effect. Initial clinically relevant plasma concentrations of fentanyl two minutes after two minutes after administering the drug. Said Prof. Pain reduction of at least two points on the eleven point numeric rating scale 10 minutes after application in most of of the patients. The nasal spray it turned out to to be a good option for breakthrough pain. Professor Kress added, It was well tolerated administered by patients at all doses in our studies, More new galenic for fentanyl buccal administration presented presented at the EAPC Congress a new One of buccal tablet includes also shown that deliver rapid effectiveness it. It was approved in the U.S. And will soon be available in Europe, the concept is a fentanyl effervescent tablet:. Is it between the upper jaw and placed in the cheek, so that carbon dioxide is released, as it disperses, to further promote absorption of the substance studies have shown that the buccal tablet a much stronger reduction in pain than is achieved with a placebo, says Prof. Kress comments.

Among other things, options for breakthrough pain – European Association For Palliative CareSimilar results to be kept for sublingual tablets in which micronized fentanyl in fine grain sizes are released upon contact with saliva. :: Again, studies significant pain reduction within ten minutes of intake have shown. Another combination drug for constipation previously insufficiently solved problem in palliative care: Opioids are potent pain killers, of course, but side effects such as constipation can burden the patient enormously. According to a survey conducted in the U.S. And Europe percent of patients percent of patients with opioids on a regular basis of constipation. At the conference we will have to do with, among other things, a new oxycodone – naloxone combination preparation, the blockade hampered in the intestines, says Prof. Kress says. One study showed that in patients with the necessary oxycodone naloxone combination, only 31 percent of a laxative, in the group of patients with oxycodone only, this rate was at 55.

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