Mayank Goyal.

Mayank Goyal, M.D ranbaxy ., Andrew M. Demchuk, M.D., Bijoy K. Menon, M.D., Muneer Eesa, M.D., Jeremy L. Rempel, M.D., John Thornton, M.D., Daniel Roy, M.D., Tudor G. Jovin, M.D., Robert A. Willinsky, M.D., Biggya L. Sapkota, M.B., B.S., Dar Dowlatshahi, M.D., Ph.D., Donald F. Frei, M.D., Noreen R. Kamal, M.D., Walter J. Montanera, M.D., Alexandre Y. Poppe, M.D., C.M., Karla J. Ryckborst, R.N., Frank L. Silver, M.D., Ashfaq Shuaib, M.D., Donatella Tampieri, M.D., David Williams, M.B., Ph.D., Oh Little Bang, M.D., Ph.D., Blaise W. Baxter, M.D., Paul A. Burns, M.B., Ch.B., M.D., Hana Choe, M.D., Ji-Hoe Heo, M.D., Ph.D., Christine A. Holmstedt, D.O., Brian Jankowitz, M.D., Michael Kelly, M.D., Ph.D., Guillermo Linares, M.D., Jennifer L.

$17. The extensions, with the opening of the Replacement Research Reactor in 2005-06, allows ANSTO to meet the projected boosts in patient demand for radiopharmaceuticals over the next 30 years, offering state-of-the-art working conditions in the process. ANSTO supplies over 70 percent of the radiopharmaceuticals found in Australian nuclear medication procedures. This body is set to boost with the new services. In addition, after the new study reactor is on line in 2005-06, ANSTO can produce a broader selection of radiopharmaceuticals not currently available to the Australian public. The extension and refurbishment is because of be completed in 2006.