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Map H1N1 outbreaks, visit our Mexico Swine Flu Blog Written by Christian NordqvistView drugs information on Tamiflu capsule menstrual problems .

The clinical trial, published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics is the result a joint study by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Central Middlesex Hospital and the University of Reading.

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GTCBio announced 4th Annual Assay Development and Screening Conference instead of June 8 to 9 2,009th As compounds made high -throughput screening has become increasingly its way into clinical trials, active substance screening has widely accepted as a critical step of in the drug development. According to for over a decade the rapid growth, tremendous progress in assay technology, laboratory automation and computer science made. These technological developments bring has not only facilitated dramatically increase of throughput and efficiency of screening of active agents, but also creates innovative solutions other areas of active substance research and development purposes only. Used as a screening be well become prominent of biological research, screening facilities who are becoming increasingly popular ages in academic institutions.