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The treatment benefit with bevacizumab was also observed in subgroup analyses old, performance status, competition, squamous histologic type, position with respect to prior platinum exposure, recurrent or persistent disease, and pelvic location of the target lesion. Quality of Life The rate of compliance with health-related quality of life surveys was 96 percent, 84 percent, 78 percent, 67 percent, and 63 percent among patients at cycles 1, 2, and 5, and at six months and 9 weeks of follow-up, respectively, and was balanced between treatment groups . The mean FACT-Cx-TOI ratings exceeded 70 at each time point in each group.Establishing and improving an excellent workplace ergonomics process is necessary for the growth and development of the business. All big multinational businesses apply office ergonomic training and office ergonomic assessment to understand the existing workplace situation of their company. Based on the results of the tests, they make changes that increase the comfort level at work and in exchange, the productivity of each employee. Here are five proven great things about workplace ergonomics. *Reduces Costs – By reducing the ergonomic risk elements systematically, any office can stop costs related to MSDs.