Kai-Uwe Eckardt.

No significant interactions were observed in the other five prespecified subgroups, with the exception of a significant interaction for race or ethnic group nominally. The 653 patients described as nonwhite and non-black in the darbepoetin alfa group had the greatest surplus risk ; among the 2570 white individuals, the hazard ratio was 1.05 , and among the 815 black patients, the hazard ratio was 0.87 . Patient-Reported Outcomes The primary prespecified analysis for the patient-reported outcomes was the change from baseline to 25 weeks in the FACT-Fatigue rating.Notable prior therapies included immunotherapy and BRAF inhibitors in patients with melanoma ; platinum-structured chemotherapy and tyrosine kinase inhibitors in patients with lung cancer ; and nephrectomy, immunotherapy, and antiangiogenic therapy in sufferers with renal-cell cancers . Baseline features of the full total treated population were related to those of the efficacy human population . Safety A optimum tolerated dose had not been defined at the doses tested in this scholarly study.