Just one-third of Americans with a mental health problem seek treatment.

What began as a nightcap turned into brandy with her daily tea. Based on the 2008 National Health care Disparities Record, 8.3 % of non-Hispanic black women under the age of 18 received mental health treatment in 2006, in comparison to 20 % of non-Hispanic white women. In 1999, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Providers Administration stated that 67.9 percent of black women reported ever using alcohol, while 45.1 percent reported use that calendar year and 32.3 percent reported using alcohol previously month.THE BRAND NEW CHOICE Research completed enrollment two months ahead of routine, enabling Agile to arrange for a youthful submission of the New Drug Software for AG200-15 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration . Thomas Rossi, Agile’s President and CEO, commented, We are very pleased to total enrollment in the NEW CHOICE Study before schedule. The rapid enrollment rate, 1500 women in eight weeks, displays a broad curiosity amongst contraceptive users for the convenience of a once weekly contraceptive patch. We look forward to the continued improvement of AG200-15 and anticipate the expedited timeline will enable us to apply for FDA approval sooner than previously anticipated.