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Bonn ConferenceK nanotechnology innovation and MNT in EuropeThe Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network , one of the primary knowledge of UK networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies announced the promotion of their promoting their work on two of the main events in Europe nanotechnology in June this year. The NanoKTN is for all UK MNT companies require to get involved and promote their pioneering nanotechnology capabilities to a European audience generic for aciphex . The NanoKTN is Euro Nano Forum in Prague on June 2 to 5 and Nano Central Annual Report nanomaterial Conference in Bonn, June 16 to 18 2009th.

The NanoKTN will be presented at the two events in Europe and offers the UK MNT facilities and companies the opportunity to present their products and work on the NanoKTN stand promoting. The NanoKTN is encouraging the UK MNT facilities to more actively promote the work they do in order funding funding and ensure that the UK is kept at the forefront of European nanotechnology innovations.

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About half of all babies will to respiratory syncytial virus infection for the first year the life and virtually all children have been infected least once through time they reach its second anniversary. Scientists at West Virginia University has figured out why RSV such a severe and enduring disease.