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The time of response of the clinical effect appeared to vary with location of the angioedema attack abdominal attacks, typically the most painful, and laryngeal attacks which can be potentially life threatening, improved more rapidly than peripheral attacks indicate a significant of of DX-88 over placebo within 4 hours the therapeutic effect of DX-88 in peripheral attacks was apparent by 24 hours – provide Positive results from the clinically strict hurdle of complete or almost complete resolution of an HAE attack. Encouraging evidence that treatment with DX-88 can potentially offer patients a quick and durable treatment for what is often a debilitating attack that can last for several days if untreated, commented Marc Riedl, For these patients, of clinical immunology and allergy at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles. Of even greater significance is that a quick answer for laryngeal attacks which can be life-threatening, was seen. .

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