In northeastern Africa.

3,000-year-old skeleton found riddled with cancer When archeologist Michaela Binder dug through a tomb of skeletons in Sudan, in northeastern Africa, she found one that looked different. The PhD student from Durham University in England unearthed bones infested with lesions and holes . Immediately, she suspected cancer. ‘At first, I wasn’t sure if this is really a disease because we’ve a lot of termites in the area, who tend to consume bones or tend to make a complete lot of small holes in the bones,’ she told CBS News’ Alphonso Van Marsh.

As federal government courts examine the merits of a few of President Obama’s most significant legislative and Executive actions – – his national healthcare rules and his recent executive amnesty – – too many Us citizens believe, if the rulings not in favor of him , he should simply ignore them, as though he had been a king. According to a disturbing fresh survey by Rassmussen Reviews, 26 % of respondents in a telephone study of likely U.S. Voters believe that Obama must have the authority to ignore federal court rulings if indeed they go against what he believes is definitely important for the united states. Meanwhile, encouragingly, 60 % said the president shouldn’t have that authority or correct, while a surprising 15 % said they were undecided.