Humana partner to deliver clinical-decision support technology for physicians Humana Inc.

The technology provides patient-specific, clinical-quality details to physicians that facilitates both preventive and chronic-condition management along with improved treatment coordination. Humana will provide financial assistance to selected doctors for adoption of the Allscripts EHR within Humana’s Medical Home EHR Rewards Program. Physician methods that take part will receive valuable, timely clinical info – – at the point of care electronically, such as a notice of a preventive-care chance or information regarding a patient’s medical history that may not come in a specific doctor’s patient chart.Special spots were not routinely used. Since 1993, forms for refugee wellness assessment data possess included documentation of stool exams showing intestinal infections with nematodes , giardia, entamoeba complex , and schistosoma species. Definitions and Exclusions All refugees who were 24 months old or older, weren’t pregnant at the proper time of treatment, started in Southeast Asia or sub-Saharan Africa, and submitted at least one stool specimen through the scholarly research period were included in the analysis. Children younger than 2 years of age and women that are pregnant had been excluded because presumptive therapy originally had not been recommended for these groups.