These data, coupled with the absence of non-sense, splice-site, and frameshift mutations, suggest that the mutated SF3B1 protein will probably retain structural integrity, albeit with presumably changed function. Gene-Expression Profiles of Mutated SF3B1 We analyzed gene-expression profiles18 of CD34+ bone marrow cells purified from samples obtained from 56 individuals with myelodysplastic syndromes, 12 of whom had SF3B1 mutations. We used gene-set enrichment analysis35 to identify biologic pathways and processes that demonstrated coordinated up-regulation or down-regulation in patients with SF3B1 mutations, after adjustment for differences because of disease subtype.This also network marketing leads to using excess fat as a fuel for energy rather than carbs and that leads to burning fat in your body and eventually losing body weight. Similarly, by going low on the carbs there are also various other benefits like control of diabetics and allergies, rest from digestive problems, no bloodstream sugar etc. Similarly, the no glucose diet plan is also very effective in reducing your fat storage as sugar quality recipes are generally blamed for obesity.