Health experts are trying to determine if the cases are connected.

In addition, the Catholic Diocese of Providence closed eight institutions in three communities, with a mixed 2,600 college students, as a precaution. No full cases of meningitis or encephalitis have been reported among the college students, stated diocese spokesman Michael Guilfoyle. The case of suspected meningitis was reported Wednesday within an unidentified student in Coventry. Also, fourteen days ago, Dylan Gleavey, a Warwick elementary school student, died of encephalitis. A classmate of hers and a girl at a West Warwick college also contracted encephalitis but possess since recovered. Dylan’s encephalitis was brought on by ‘walking pneumonia,’ a common disease that in rare cases can lead to encephalitis or meningitis.ALN-TTR02 We observed zero significant changes in transthyretin levels, as compared with placebo, at both lowest doses of ALN-TTR02. However, considerable transthyretin knockdown was seen in all participants receiving doses of 0.15 to 0.5 mg per kilogram . Transthyretin knockdown was rapid, potent, and long lasting across all three dosage levels, with significant changes highly, in comparison with placebo , through day 28. In light of the robust response seen at 0.15 and 0.3 mg per kilogram and modest incremental improvement in response at 0.5 mg per kilogram, only 1 participant received the dose of 0.5 mg per kilogram. There was small variability among participants in the kinetics of response , at dosages of at least 0 especially.3 mg per kilogram, with more than 50 percent decreasing by day 3, a nadir level by around day 10, and continued suppression of more than 50 percent at time 28, with complete recovery occurring by time 70.