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Both genotypes are associated with lower cells concentrations of folate, higher degrees of homocysteine , and lower enzyme activity compared to the crazy CC genotype. The CT genotype was responsible for at least as much neural tube defects in the population as the TT genotype. This is because a very much greater proportion of the general populace are CT compared with 10 percent who are TT. The combined CT and TT genotypes account for about 26 percent of neural tube defects in Ireland, say the authors.7 healthful factors to include peas to your daily diet There are three major types of peas – garden peas, snow peas and snap peas. When Gregor Johann Mendel, an Austrian botanist and monk, cross-bred two various kinds of peas, he found that the ‘kid’ had the characteristics of both ‘parents’. The discovery that physical traits are passed from generation to era laid the foundation for contemporary genetics. Today, close to 80 % of the world’s pea crop can be used dried as supposed to fresh; in the US, however, 90 % of the peas are actually consumed as new green peas. Here is a short rundown of some of the ongoing health benefits of peas. Lowers cancer risk Peas contain the green pigment chlorophyllin, a element linked to chlorophyll whose molecular form enables it to mix with cancer-causing chemicals in the body.