Diphtheria 100 percent reduction measles 99.

– Diphtheria – 100 percent reduction – measles – 99.9 percent decrease – paralytic poliomyelitis – 100 percent reduction – Rubella – 99.9 percent decrease – congenital rubella syndrome – 99.3 percent decrease – smallpox – 100 percent reduction – Mumps 95, 9 percent decline – 92.9 percent decrease tetanus – pertussis 92.2 percent decrease. JAMA.

Has studied SoCa The project ‘Social capital and well-being in the midst of the pressure for change of working life ‘, led by Professor Mika Kivim ki, some 10,000cial capital and the different areas of the most important diseases are as connected? Cardiovascular disease and depression.. A total of 1,608 employees stopped smoking during the four-year follow-up time frame. The link between social capital and smoking cessation was the strongest for employees in higher-status positions.In addition, asts. Prescribed of heroin – Assisted Therapy longer and cost less Less Society.

Medical prescription heroin is expensive to methadone for treating long-term heroin consumers according to road a new study by researchers at the Providence Island Healthcare and of UBC.

Martin Schechter, O CH OS scientists and a professor at the UBC School of Population and? Public Health. What this study shows that the more appropriate the more appropriate can we afford we can afford not to. The NAOMI study, which was conducted also that of researchers PHC, Switzerland OS and UBC was to one randomized study to try whether prescribed medically active of heroin as methadone therapy on not up to date not current, which conventional treatment been aim.. In addition, a person to the diacetylmorphine group been rather live longer when someone receive methadone therapy.

The 1st in the methadone therapy group generate an average life span social cost of $ 1,000 per person per while at the diacetylmorphine group generated a lower costs $ The study considers to the treatment editions, estimated costs to medical treatments and cost judiciary judiciary.