Designed to purify DNA from whole blood.

New Promega Maxwell 16 LEV Blood DNA Kit surpasses concentration standards in less timePromega Corporation now offers the Maxwel 16 LEV Blood DNA Kit, designed to purify DNA from whole blood. The new kit the 16 specifically for the 16 Maxwel instrument eliminates the need for a buffy coat step while providing exponentially higher concentration in shorter time with parallel purity.

As with all Maxwell products, this latest offering includes pre-optimized purification protocols. With automation, sample preparation go from hours to minutes.

‘We were pleasantly surprised to find so much DNA in 300ul of blood,’said Marie Ericsson, Molecular technician at Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory in San Antonio, ‘We believe this kit will be laboratories that perform complex tests are problems and to help with reaching the desired DNA yields. ‘.

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