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Approximately 70,000 also at an interactive discussion on Living with Bladder Cancer. .. Control of bladder cancer specialists and topicsDr. Bernard Bochner of Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center and Dr. James McKiernan of Columbia University Medical Center leads a group of bladder cancer specialists to provide a complete overview of the disease, treatment, and recent advances following is a brief overview of the Forum’s panelists and the topics to be discussed. – James McKiernan, CUMC: Bladder cancer Basics – William Huang, New York University Medical Center: recognition and diagnosis – Simon Hall, Mount Sinai School of Medicine: treatment and monitoring of non – muscle invasive bladder cancer – Bernard Bochner, MSKCC: surgery and Urinary reconstruction for muscle – invasive bladder cancer – Douglas Scherr, Weill Cornell Medical College: innovations in the treatment of bladder cancer; – Daniel Petrylak, CUMC: chemotherapy for muscle – invasive bladder cancer.

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