Called PHACeT.

The study, called PHACeT , the first genetically modified progenitor cells, which are similar to adult stem cells*, but seem different ways, different ways, for the treatment of cardiac or vascular disease state. For the two companies, the study presents the fruits of a successful partnership in order to develop a cellular treatment for PAH.

Used in the novel clinical therapy in the study are, technically repair precursor cells injected into the lungs and to regenerate damaged blood vessels and potentially reverse the progression of disease. Expected to ship within 18 months can be completed, the process is carried out at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. A defined electrical the study is safety and tolerability, but the data will also be collected the potential efficacy of the potential efficacy of this innovative treatment. – Are harvested in the PHACeT study stem cell-like ‘endothelial progenitor cells ‘ from patient ‘s own blood.Online online in the trade magazine Nature Medicine. We have shown grimy mangabey infects can avoid a very important part of the immune SIV and first author Mirko Paiardini, tells Senior Research Scientist to Yerkes National Primate Research Centre of Emory University. That protection against infection will to reduce the levels by a molecule of to the cell surface in that SIVs using to go the cell. .

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