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39 patients with myeloma kidney were at the University Hospital Birmingham and the Mayo Clinic, Rochester monitored in the United States of America as part of this research. They each received a combination treatment of the direct removal of FLCs and chemotherapy in an attempt to determine whether a target reduced threshold through which FLCs facilitate facilitate renal recovery. Hutchison says:.For their study, the researchers used GM zebrafish embryos. They are particularly well adapted for this type of research , since the thymus gland the translucent translucent tissue and embryos can be observed ago under a microscope. T cell develop the zebrafish comparable to that of mammals.

The dynamic performance has never been known, as we did not observed in which Location, cells for a longer time, says the scientist. These findings also indicate that that migrate from bone marrow to the thymus with the chemokines is solely and propelled largely independent of perfusion.. The thymus is a small, inconspicuous organ, but it is important for a functioning immune system. This because there the development of website which T-lymphocytes , which the in the body’s immune defenses. Development of T precursors derived from bone marrow and derived lured into the thymus gland a chemical attractants Chemokine. As soon as thymus , they develop into various types T-cell , which are finally provided the rest of the body.

As the researchers noted, this is a very dynamic: the progenitor cells do not take a direct migration way to into the thymus Rather, they seem .